5 Common Hair Myths You Should Stop Believing

As a man, your hairstyle is everything. The effects of a good haircut can significantly change the game and make you a more charismatic person. That’s why barbers offer a wide range of services related to men’s hair. Taking good care of your hair and professional maintenance is so important to be a confident person when you talk to others for the first time. Research shows that the smile and hair are two important things other pay attention to when they visit a man for the first time. You can visit our experts at Fade Zone Barber Shop if you don’t know which type of haircut or hairstyle suits you well. Your barber has all the needed knowledge and expertise to give you the most helpful recommendations based on your face shape, hair color, eye color, and other important factors. However, many still believe in some old myths when it comes to hair care. There are many different methods passed down through generations, but most of them aren’t correct these days. It explains why visiting a reliable barber is necessary to upgrade your old information and adjust yourself to the newest trends. Keep reading this blog to learn more about these common myths.

Shaving Makes Your Hair Thicker.

Many of us have our hair all shaved because our parents thought it was a good idea to thicken the hair. The fact is that shaving doesn’t change anything about the color or thickness of your hair. Our professional Richmond Hill barbers can give you more helpful explanations if you still have more questions.

5 Common Hair Myths You Should Stop Believing

Brushing Your Hair 100 Strokes a Day Can Make It Healthier.

Although brushing your hair is beneficial, there is no magic number like 100 strokes a day. You have to gently brush your healthy hair whenever you need and avoid overdoing it. Otherwise, your hair can be damaged and broken over time.

Plucking Gray Hair Makes Them More.

You should avoid plucking your gray hair not because it causes more to grow but damaging the hair follicle over time. If your gray hair makes you anxious and you want your brown or black hair back, you can easily visit a skilled barber to dye your hair using safe and everyday color treatments.

Regular Haircuts Boost the Growth of Your Hair.

Unlike what most believe, getting regular haircuts has nothing to do with the speed of your hair growth. The hair growth occurs at the scalp, and cutting your hair can’t affect it at all. However, these haircuts are still recommended because they keep your hair healthy by preventing spilled ends and breakage. Depending on your condition, you can visit a barber to have your hair cut every 4 to 5 weeks.

You Can Train Your Hair.

Some people believe it’s possible to train hair to become less greasy, needing less washing. Everything about your hair and beard is related to your genes. Although you can create yourself a personalized maintenance plan, you can’t change the natural characteristics of your hair.

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