4 Common Myths About Barbershops Debunked

We live in a world where beauty is one of the most important things to live a good life. Being neat and stylish is so important in today’s society and can help you make great impressions when you meet others for the first time. Therefore, many different services are provided to meet people’s needs to make them more stylish, attractive, and confident. At Fade Zone Barber Shop, our experienced professionals assess your physical features, such as your hair type, face shape, eye color, etc., to show you the best method of improving your appearance to gain the best results. Nowadays, barbershops are specialized in providing masculine services, and many men prefer to visit a barber as they feel more comfortable there. Barbers are highly educated and experienced in the field of men’s fashion and are aware of new beauty trends for men and boys. Still, some men refuse to visit an experienced barber and can’t decide to go to the barbershop because of the stereotypes stuck in their minds. Today’s blog explains the most common myths about barbershops that you shouldn’t believe!

Myth 1: Barbers can’t offer various hairstyles.

Many think barbers only do monotonous haircuts and there is no variety in the services they provide. That’s a very wrong belief since barbers can offer you different types of haircuts depending on your preferences and taste. Your barber will discuss the most suitable haircut for you to choose the right option with your help. In many cases, the client comes with a specific haircut, and the barber will explain whether that haircut makes them more attractive.

Myth 2: Perfect beards are always achieved with the help of chemicals.

Have you ever experienced visited a barbershop website and been significantly surprised by seeing some pictures of clients with perfect beards? As you know, a good barber can offer the highest quality beard trimming services to make you visually more attractive. In some cases, the client asks for a painted beard due to personal reasons. But in many other cases, the thick and beautiful beard is only the result of good genetics, and the barber uses no chemicals.

Myth 3: Barbershop services are too expensive.

A barber can offer a variety of services, including haircutting, beard styling, trimming, hair coloring, etc. According to the service your demand and your condition, the final price can be different. But the important point is most demanded services in barbershops are almost cost-effective and aren’t considered expensive! However, you might need to pay more money if you want more special services.

Myth 4: Getting a new haircut takes a long time.

If you visit a barbershop for the first time, it can take a long time as you should get to know your new barber and discuss all details of the haircut you want. But you can be sure your next visits with your reliable barber won’t be that much time-consuming and are usually done in an average of 30 minutes.

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